Interior designer Katherine Wightman on seasonal furniture trends

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Looking to find some easy yet effective ways to update your abode this summer? Angela Beitz caught up with interior designer Katherine Wightman who has been working in Abu Dhabi for three years after moving from London.

If you’re planning to give your interiors a new look for summer, but you are in need of a little inspiration, pay a visit to Katherine Clare Interiors. Her approach is fresh and inventive and she aims to combine classical and contemporary designs to create an elegant, co-ordinated ‘real life’ space that you can live in and enjoy. Katherine aims to enhance your home with carefully sourced pieces, injecting colour and texture to transform your house into a unique home. We spoke to her to get some advice for the upcoming season.

What are the main trends for summer this year?
Metallic always features in interiors, but this season it’s time for brass to shine. Find accessories such as candlesticks, picture frames and lamps in this rich and sculptural metal or find furniture with brass locks and fastenings.

What are the main colours that will dominate summer?
You can’t walk through the shops without noticing how strong florescent colours are this season; bring this into your home as well as your wardrobe. Bright greens and canary yellows, oranges and tangerines, rich fuchsia and magenta are perfect to use as accent colours. To add even more of a pop, pair with soft neutrals such as grey or white.

What sort of furniture trends are popular this season?
Natural wood is emerging as one of the 2013 favoured materials. Use wicker, raffia and exotic woods in blinds, floor mats and light fixtures. Pieces selected for the wood grain and colours add warmth and comfort without great expense. Shoppers are more drawn to multi-purposed items this season, designs that can work in any room. At the same time, there seems to be a demand for larger, substantial dining room sets because this generation likes to live, entertain and work around one space.

What are some inexpensive ways to update your home?

Up-cycling is nothing new but seems harder to do here in the UAE with the void of reclamation yards and auction houses. However, garage sales and online second hand forums are growing in popularity. Scan these for armchairs and sofas to re-cover, wooden furniture to repaint and even cushions, which you can re-cover in your favourite fabric.

What stores in Abu Dhabi are good for new furniture and homewares? What about online?
We are very lucky in the UAE as the choice of international home stores is growing each season. We have all the big brands such as Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Laura Ashley Home, Zara Home, IKEA, Bloomingdale’s Home and BoConcept catering for universal tastes. Also the brands specific to the region such as Home Centre, Marina Interiors, ID Design, @home and The One are perfect for adventurous expats.

What are the things that you should splurge on and what should you save on?

Never compromise on comfort, so splurge on the best sofa and bed you can afford, after all you want to feel as comfortable as possibly when you’ve got your feet up. Save money (and space) with furniture that doubles as storage. Pick a bed with storage underneath, select desks that can function as a table and benches with storage under the seat.
For an appointment with Katherine Clare Interiors, go to (056 127 5545).

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